4 Things Things Pregnant Women Go Through During Delivery

Bare in mind that all labour and delivery nurses have seen so many kinds of butts and boobs, blood and babies. Many women, especially new moms, wonder just what goes on in that mysterious delivery room. If you’re delivery expecting your first, here are some tips to keep in mind

1) Pregnant women puupu during delivery

You may have heard the rumor going around that some women puupu while giving birth. I have news for you: It’s true. As horrifying as it may sound, puupuing on the delivery table is actually a good thing. It tells us that you are pushing the right way. You may be relieved to hear that your body naturally clears the way for baby before the active pushing stage, so if your nurse gives you the okay, visit the facilities during early labor. And to further put your mind at ease, know that I mean it when I say: your puupu is really nothing special.

2) How They Position during delivery

When you think about birth, what image comes to mind? A woman in the semi-reclined position, sweating while screaming obscenities at her clueless husband, right? Well, believe it or not, you do have a choice in the position that you deliver in. The whole semi-reclined thing came about more for doctors’ convenience than anything else. Listen to your body while you are in labor and go with what feels right to you. Depending on limitations from your form of pain relief (like an epidural) you may be able to deliver squatting, standing, side-lying, holding onto a bar, or even on all fours.

3) Blood from ur vagina

So a bloody battle happened between your legs, but thankfully you’ll never know. Labor and delivery nurses are quick on the draw when it comes to cleaning up the aftermath. Look for phrases like “a little tear” or “a quick stitch” for clues to what really happened down there. Hint: Use that squeegee bottle (you’ll know it when you see mind

4) All women labor in different ways

Try not to listen to your neighbor, your great-aunt Mildred, or even your mom on this one. The fact is, no woman experiences childbirth the same way. My mother swore up and down that contractions were hard but pushing was painless. Fast forward a few months and after cruising through my contractions, I found myself cursing her as I pushed out what felt like a burning bowling ball of fire. You can’t predict how labor and delivery will feel for you, so don’t even try


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