Breaking News : Kasoa – Armed Robbers Attacks a pastor and killed one

According to eye withness the armed robbers came to attack the pastor whom the deceased was living with, the armed robbers came to attack them in the middle of the night around 12 am yesterday (06 / 01 / 2018) at Kasoa (Annor town) and they took all the belongings of the Pastor including his car.



(Ebenezer the decease)

Ebenezer) the deceased came out to cause alarm for help mean while one of the gang men was hiding behind a water tank ,took his gun and shot him in the hurt, Ebenezer the decease died instantly. The armed robbers flee away with the pastors belongings and his car. Currently the matter has been forwarded to the police for furthur investigation, the police came to carry the remains to the mortuary. We are hoping they get those gang men get arrested soon.

The family of the deceased couldnt helo but brokedown and cry after hearing the sad news.


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