Sakawa boy confesses how he used school girls for rituals


A former ritualist who once dealt in “blood money” and dark magic has opened up on his 15-years experience as a “sakawa man” – ritualist. Known among his peers as “Fresh boy”, the young man says he used over 500 girls for prostitution and blood money. In an interview granted Angel FM in Kumasi, the converted ritualist reveals that all young ladies should be wary of receiving gifts from persons whose source of wealth they know nothing about. According to him, some strong agents from his occult group use powerful charms to deceive young ladies into prostitution. This charm, according to him, works best with female students who already have boyfriends and are sexually active. “Fresh boy” also reveals that ladies are mostly used for rituals after granting them lifts. “We usually go out during times when the city is busy or when it’s raining, this is when every lady would like to be offered a lift. After driving for a while, we take the trapped lady to a bush where the snake is released to perform its duties inside her private part which takes about 15 to 20 minutes,” he revealed. Read more:

Sakawa, or money rituals, is one of the most heinous crimes in Ghana which continue to spread across the country. Victims of this crime often lose parts of their bodies to such culprits who often cut off human parts for ritualist purposes. For most of these ritualists, there are high cases of deaths, mental cases and the even mysterious bout of the disease.


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