Don little (Kumawood actor) – I have slept with more than 5 big women

He told Adom FM that he had even bedded 5 women in his 20 years of living – The actor, who is dimunitive in size, comes off as easy to dismiss as someone of a younger age In an interview with the Accra-based Adom FM, the diminutive Kumawood star stated that he was 20 years-old and not as young as many had thought he was due to his smallish nature. Don Little is known for his “comic” performance in Kumawood films, which he most often laced with hilarious insults and terminologies and is thought to be young The Kumawood star also told the radio station that he had a preference for “women with big backsides”. “I don’t like ladies with small behinds. I like fat ladies with big backsides”, he bragged. He continued to speak of his prowess in bed, bragging that he had been to bed with 5 women. “I have slept with 5 [ladies] which is the least and I don’t want to say all,” the actor told the show host, Adisababa. It is easy to dismiss the actor as someone of a younger age as his body size make him look like he is at most 15 years. Source :


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