On the fateful date of 10th December 2016, the rooftop housing the Reigners Bible Church International came down tumbling on the congregation. The majestic church is located in Uyo city in Akwa Ibom. The unfortunate incidents happened during the ordination of a bishop. It is claimed from multiple sources that the incident claimed 50 to 200 casualties. It was just some few minutes into the consecration ceremony to a new pastor that the roof caved. The church founder, Apostle Akan Weeks, was to be ordained as the church bishop. 

Survivors who were lucky to escape the harrowing incident claimed that a huge bang emanating from the roof was heard before the roof gave in, taking a score of lives. The Governor of Akwa Ibom State of Nigeria, Udom Gabriel Emmanuel was in attendance but was confirmed to have survived the incident. After the commotion that saw dear lives lost, a commission of inquiry was formed to unravel the state of affairs that transpired before the church collapsed. Its mandate was clearly set out to ascertain the factors leading to the construction of the church and whether professional building principles were followed. It was expected that the recommendation from the inquiry would forestall the resurgence of such incident and indict the persons culpable for compromising professional standards in the building of the church. The church was claimed have been under construction days before the collapse. It could not be verified whether the construction work on the church was complete before the ceremony kicked off. Some sources intimated that the erecting of the church structure had been hurried to pave way for the ordination ceremony. 

Is Ini Edo dead or alive? Following the church incident and the rumours that ensued, Ini Edo responded on Instagram on 11th December 2016 to lay bare to the facts surrounding the church accident. She went on to give an account testimony of what went down during the previous day and let her million-plus followers on Instagram, know that she was safe. She thanked God she was saved from an incident that could have claimed her dear soul. She recounted how she missed death by a whisker. Had she not been held back by traffic from Calabar to Uyo, she definitely could have been among the faithful who thronged the Reigners Bible Church. As she narrates, she was to attend the church service ceremony in Uyo on a fateful day. A travel glitch hit her as his flight was cancelled without prior notice. She was distraught by the hampered journey as she couldn’t comprehend missing the consecration service. However in the hope to make it to the ordination, she took a flight to Calabar so that she would be at the destination in less than an hour.