The Narilatha flowers that take the shape of a naked woman!

New Delhi: Ever heard of this flower, the Narilatha or Liyathambara? It has gained popularity on the web due to its shape which looks like that of a naked woman.

Also known as Narilata, it is said that the Narilatha flower plants grow only in the Himalayan region in India, and bloom at an interval of 20 years.

  1. The flowers, resembling a naked woman,you can be seen around the web, social media sites and forum, but with no credibility. The information about this flower obviously shattered netizens, but what makes it more mystifying is that neither there are images of the tree and its entirety nor nature journals available.

The point is that it seems impossible for scientists and botanists to have not discovered this flower if it really exists.

While the ancient stories regarding Narilata, which may be myth, support these claims, some believe that it has been created just to attract attention and gain popularity on the internet.

But, the question here is – does this flower plant really exists? If not, then, what’s the base of the images floating on the internet?