Eight armed robbers don attack a bullion van for Bolorunduro, Ondo East Local. Di robbers steal unspecified amount of money according to some eye witness.

Di eye witness say di robbers come in two motor cars including a Lexus and attack the bullion van wey de come from Ondo town, on di on way to Akure, the state capital .

Di robbery happen about 5:30pm wey e last for 20 minutes.

Di bullion van driver plus di police escourt runaway for demma life cos dem no fi face di robbers. Di robbers carry bigger weapons and shoot di bullion van several times ,destroying di van before dem enter and carry di money away.

Di people for di locality runaway to neighboring village cos dem fear say di robbers go shoot dem . Motorists for di road too left demma motor for sake of fear.

Amotekun state commander, Chief Adetunji Adeleye, confirm di robbery.

Police detectives, local hunters and vigilante members enter di the forest in search for di the robbers.

Adetunji assure di public say di thieves go soon come out

Dis bi di third armor vehicle robbery on for di axis in di last five years.