The Ghanaian vessel named Atlantic Princess has been attacked by five pirates at sea within Ghana’s territorial waters.

This incident occurred on Wednesday, May 19 around 6:45pm.

Our source revealed the vessel was ambushed South of Tema by five armed pirates wielding armed with AK 47 rifles.

“The pirates instructed the vessel to change direction and head further South East and remained onboard until 200145 hours UTC. They finally left along with 5 emigrant crew members they kidnapped,” Source revealed.

The exact location of the ambush was 03 56.4 N, 000 27.5 E approximately 103NM SSE of Tema. In all the pirates spent close to 6 hours onboard the vessel.

The kidnapped emigrants were the Captain, who is Korean, the Chief Officer, Second Chief officer, Chief Engineer – all Chinese – and Boatswain’s mate, who is Russian.

The pirates also rummaged the vessel and took personal crew belongings including laptop, phones, unknown some of money and other valuables.

There were no injuries reported.