Most men find it difficult to approach ladies , especially when he have deep feelings for her.Take some deep breath and relax your mind cause is really going to help you out to approach the girl you love.

Remember, timing is the most important part. If your time is appropriate, then you can easily get the girl. Follow these rules, and you will find the girl you love.


Eye contact is one of the easiest ways to approach a girl because through eye contact she knows that you are interested in her, but you have to make sure that you are showing your interest in that girl through your eye contact.

Make sure to show her your feelings through eye contact. It will make her wonder why you are looking at her that way. She will notice that you are showing some interest in her.

2.BE CONVERSATIONAL : Girls love to be with that guy who takes an interest in them by asking questions.

Remember a conversation is give and take, you ask some questions and she shares answers with you. Then you share your experience in relation and from one to another question, she starts to share her feelings with you; this is called conversation. Girls love those guys who listen to their feeling.

Don’t forget to play truth and dare. This is one of the best ways to make your conversation more interesting.

Through that, she will notice you, and she will feel more likely to talk with you or start a conversation with you. And this is the easiest method to start a conversation.

3.BE FRIENDLY :Show her that you don’t want anything from her; you just want to be a friend, and this method will do the trick. She will like your friendly behaviour. Also, she will feel more comfortable with you.

4.BE DIFFERENT : Be mature and tell her about your work and personality ,avoid doing silly things that will make you look awful .

If the girl you are trying to approach is cute and gorgeous, then there is a possibility that a lot of guys are trying hard to approach her to make her their girlfriend. So, do not be one of them. Be the only one that she’ll like. Because girls always love those guys who are different from others.

I believe this effective method will help you approach and to to the girl you really love .

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