Joseph a 62years old man narrated his story where he claims that his wife has being taking good care of him despite his condition.
Joseph Claims that he felt pain in his mouth and lower lip.

His condition has been worse after a surgery and before he went to the hospital there was a war and many people were killed ,the hospital was destroyed and which made his treatment delayed.
He claims that all his properties were destroyed and so he couldn’t raise money to go to hospital, to get a proper treatment and finding a job by then was not easy.

No woman wanted to approach him since his tumor has grew bigger , but one day he met his wife at the hospital and after explaining what happened to him she accepted to marry him and they are blessed with a child.

Joseph’s wife vowed she will never give up on her husband because she love him soo much although people criticize her.
Joseph has pleaded with well wishers to help him raise money for a better treatment in abroad because he is suffering alot