The suspect, Okpegboro Avwerosuo, a 34 year old man allegedly killed his roommate in Sagbama Town, an area in Bayelsa, Nigeria.

According to a neighbor , Okpegboro the suspect, who is from Delta State, Nigeria, killed the victim after inviting him to the town for a two-week visit.

The neighbor told police that Okpegboro struck and killed the victim with a pestle in the middle of the night. Following the attack, Okpegboro moved to ddissected the victim’s body while preserving his vital organs,

“After killing him, he dismembered the body, preserved the vital organs and put the other parts in separate sacks, which he disposed off in the early hours of the following day,” the neighbor said, according to The Guardian.

The anonymous neighbor said that while Okpegboro was disposing of the sacks, another neighbor saw the suspicious activity and demanded to know the whereabouts of his roommate.

“The suspect claimed that the deceased has travelled back to Delta State for an urgent business. Not satisfied with his response, the neighbor forced his way into the room and saw blood stains everywhere,” the anonymous neighbor said.

“Upon interrogation before he was handed over to the police, the suspect confessed that he had sold the vital organs of his friend to a pastor in Port Harcourt, who is currently at large, for ritual purposes.