Popular Kumawood Actress “Fights” Juju Man Over Curses Reigned on Her
Popular Ghanaian actress, Joyce Boakye, has been spotted in a new video accosting a supposed fetish priest over his threats to place a curse on her.

In a video sighted by kakalikabidotcom on Instagram, Joyce Boakye was seen challenging the alleged ‘juju man’ over his curse threats. She did not succumb to the man but rather kept raining prayers on the man, whom also kept on with his threats.

PHOTO CREDIT: Yen.com.gh

The man wore a white towel wrapped around his waist and holding something like a bottle of Schnapps.

He had applied some powder like substance on some portions of his body and was seen bare-chested in the video.

For a moment, it looked like Joyce Boakye was speaking in tongues whilst the man who was seen walking out of the house. The loud verbal argument between the two caught the attention eyes of the neighbourhood as people assembled to the scene to see what was actually happening.

The person who appeared to be filming the scene was heard trying to tame the enraged Joyce Boakye but the former rather received a bit of venom from the actress….VIDEO DOWN BELOW.

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