Akwesi Boakye, the deceased was shot dead in the Ashanti Region. The incident happened the night he bought his new Range Rover. He was shot dead after receiving a phone call 2am in the morning.

His roommate narrated the incidence as, ”They were both in the room when the deceased got a call from an unknown person that he should go out to his compound and cover his new Range Rover with the tarp he used in covering his old car.A short while after Akwasi had gone out to do as advised, he heard a gunshot outside, just as he was ready to step out, he heard another gunshot, this time, closer to their room.”

Photo Credit: Yen.com.gh

He managed to rush Akwesi to the hospital but he was pronounced dead a short while ago. The family was later informed of the death of their son.But the father of the deceased suspects a foul play and suspects the friend of his son of playing a part in the death of Akwesi.

Police have started their investigations to smoke out the culprits and their accomplices.