The young man whose name has been given as Emmanuel Amissah is reported to be an ex- convict who was released from prison not too long ago.

This story was confirmed by Angel FM news. According to the report, the residents in Wawase lacated in Obuasi have been experiencing power outages for some time now.

The reasons behind the outages could not be explained until some of the affected residents realised that some of the power cables in the area were nowhere to be found.

Following this, the concerned residents decided to look for the persons behind the crime until forty- five years old Emmanuel Amissah was caught in the act.

He had removed several cables and was ready to sell them when the residents apprehended him. They subjected him to minor physical assault on the spot.

Even when the was being dragged to the police station, he denied the accusations. So the furious residents carried him with force to the police station. He begged for mercy because, according to him, ”he is an ex-convict and is scared to go to the police station because he will definitely go back to jail” .

In pictures that were displayed on Angel FM’s official Facebook page, the notorious thief could be seen being carried by the young men. He was sitting at a joint pleading for mercy but they would not listen.

The electricity in the areas just went off abruptly and that got the residents wondering what the problem could be. When they went to check, Emmanuel Amissah was seen cutting the cables. That is when they arrested him” . he added.

The notorious thief finally landed in the hands of the police. The cables could be seen being dragged to the police station to serve as evidence.

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