Jehoshaphat Kwabena Eshun, known popularly known as Skrewfaze in a Facebook Live interview Dj Master P, has disclosed that the use of juju (Voodo) in the Ghana Music Industry is real Skrewfaze said as an artiste in Ghana, it was either one is serving God or engaging in full-time juju.

According to the Skrewface, he received a call sometime ago to come to the Awudome cemetery because someone was doing some rituals there.

He said when they got there, they saw that the person had buried the CD of an artiste with a red string around it and some cowries. Skrewfaze said he saw the artiste whose CD was being buried but for some reason, he was not going to reveal the name of the artist.

he added, I had a show to perform at the National Theatre with another artiste and had spent a lot of time rehearsing for the show. He added that the other artiste came to see him and encouraged him to give off his best during his performance and they exchanged handshakes. Skrewfaze said immediately the artiste left, he lost his voice and was struggling to be even audible for the show.

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