Following di alleged mob attack and di death of #fixthecountry activist Ibrahim Kaaka Mohammed, a 40 year old member for di Economic Fighters League on Monday, June 25 for Ejura, Ashanti region, di youth for di area start dey demonstrate for justice for di death of di activist.

Di pressure group dey claim say some mob attack Ibrahim wey dey beat am den cause ein death.

On di morning of Tuesday 28 June 2021 di Ejura youth go di police station to inquire about di ongoing crime investigation for Kaaka ein death. Dem talk di police say dey no want hear any story, all dem dey want bi say di alleged mob wey beat Kaaka kill am for bi punished by di law.

The next day on Tuesday June 29, di youth enter di s street dey protest justice for Kaaka wey di police den military come dey attack dem, shoot shoot people. As of now, dey don record say 4 people get injury from di shooting but e fit be more. The military start di shooting for di sky but later start dey hoot di protestors. Di gun shots scatter di crowd wey some of di protestors run go dey hide for houses wey dey nearby.

We dey advice say make people avoid di area.

Source:Ghana Web