Arm robber don attack one cab driver for Takoradi,Western Region.

Di taxi driver, Raymond Otchere dey work for Sekondi Takoradi with ein WR 766-21 Toyota Yaris.

As edey on ein errand, one unidentified man in black attire stop am say make e take am go Kojokrom, a suburb for di Sekondi Takoradi Metropolis.

As dey arrive for Kojokrom, di unidentified man tell di driver say make e continue di journey to Essikadu sake of e get meeting for der.

Di driver make happy thinking say e go make more sales. As dey come reach Essikadu di man tell di driver say make e take am go Sekondi where di unidentified man left di car. After e spend some time for Sekondi, e come back tell di driver say make e take am go back to Kojokrom.

Around 8:30pm, Di man suddenly pull out a gun from di back seat.Di arm robber fire di first bullet from ein pistol wey e hit di rib of di 32 year old cab driver. Di driver come dey bleed wey e go unconscious.

Di arm robber decide to alight from di back seat, pull di driver out and drive away di vehicle.

But di Lord come show ein wonders. Di driver surprisingly gain ein consciousness wey e quickly drive off di car and left di arm robber in di middle of di road. Di arm robber ein pistol left for di car inside.

Di bullet also affect di car.

Di matter plus di pistol dey with di Police for further investigations.

Dem still no fit identify di arm robber but di condition of di driver dey get worse.