Camera catch some soldiers as dem dey beat some residents for Wa wey dey di Upper region of Ghana on Thursday, July 1, sake of some soldier ein phone lost.

According to one eyewitness, one of di soldiers board some vehicle wey di people dey call am, “Yellow Yellow” or “Mahama Cambo” and lost ein phone.

Di thing start around 1pm wey e continue for like one hour for di wa main traffic light.

Plenty people sustain different types of injuries.

Dem admit two people for dey di Wa Municipal Hospital.

One 29 year old vulcanizer, get fracture for ein right thigh during di beating.

This happen just few days after di shooting for Ejura wey 2 people die.

The Public Relations Officer for di Upper West Regional Coordinating Council, Cletus Awuni, who also bi victim, talk an Accra based Citi FM say, di soldiers pull am out of ein car and start dey question him filming di incident.

Awuni add say: “I got a call that the military personnel was brutalising people in town. We saw that they were beating everybody. In di process of why people were being beaten, I was also beaten”.

He also talk say, he called di Military Commander say make he find out what dey happen, and he said he didn’t know anything about what dey happen, so di Commander say he dey wan call di 2nd in command. o as he dey talk plus di commander, di soldiers dey still beat people, so he decide to take a video and send it to di commander, so he see what ein boys dey do. Dem see say he dey record dem wey dem start to question am why he dey record. He talk dem say dey on phone wit di commander, dem start dey beat am.

Dem dey force am say make delete di video, but he talk dem say he no go delete am. Dem start dey the taser am say make he delete di video.

He finally talk say ebi some DSP for police wey shout on dem say dem dey beat di PRO for Upper West Regional Coordinating Council before dem stop wey dem give am back ein phone and ein driver take am to di hopital

It took the intervention of one police DSP to shout at them that they are beating the PRO of the before they stopped beating me…They gave my phone back to me, and I was driven to the hospital by my driver.”