Police dey chase two killers, who allegedly kill Komla Tsomana, 28, some Okada rider for Mafi-Kumasi mercilessly. Komla get plenty machete cuts for ein body.

Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP), Mr Alex Yeboah, Ho Municipal Police Commander look di matter inside wey he confirm to di Ghana News Agency say Komla was allegedly contracted by di killers on the run say make he transport dem from Mafi-Kumasi to Adaklu Kpatove, for di Adaklu district around 8pm on Monday, 28th June, 2021.

Mr. Alex add say some suspect inside di case dey help Police, di suspect say ebi him convince di deceased make he transport di suspected killers to dema destination all sake of he dey claim say dem be ein friend wey he know dem.

Di ASP talk for di Ablonu section say as Komla dey take di two, dem talk am say make he stop, as he stop wey dem start to cut am brutally till he meet ein death.

Mr Yeboah narrate say di two allegedly ran into di darkness.

Di Police say dem get plan dem go use arrest di killers and anyone wey dey inside some.

But dem drop di body for some mortuary.