Police for Bia West District don arrest one young man called Francis Awuni, 22 years old say he allegedly kill his boss, Papa Azuma Kusaasi who be 45 years old.

Francis commit di crime for Amanokrom, a community in di Western North Region of Ghana. He say he kill di man sake of he threaten to kill am for money rituals, so to avoid everything he decide to kill am first.

Papa Azuma Kusaaki, be landlord who be muscular, employ Francis Awuni to help him for his farm.

The two dey live peacefully for about 3 months. Papa Azuma get three pikins with a wife for di same village for Amoakrom, one community for di Western North Region of Ghana.

Di wife leave home to di market wit di children reporting to their normal school duties when Francis attack him. Di two struggle for some time but Francis overpower his boss and kill am wit some sharp machete.

Since ibi di two only for house, there was no one to intervene to save di situation.

Francis, after killing his boss, he put di head for rubber bag and surprisingly report himself to di police.

He confess to di crime and lead di police to where he keep di body. He bodly expressed his readiness to help di police through investigations. He dey police custody as at now