Whatsapp just dey block millions of their two billion users sake of di pipo break some law that nobody know well. Whatsapp block over 2 million pipo for just one month inside.

According to Whatsapp, they block di pipo sake of dem dey share plenty messages which get big sizes too.

What bi dis plenty messages Whatsapp dey talk about? according to di company, more than 95% of di pipo dey block bi sake of dey send messages with no authorisation and di messages dey send automatically. But you dey safe if only you no dey do dis.

They also add say almost all di pipo who dey block bi from India. The company say now they change di number of messages every Whatsapp users fit send or share.

The company dey claim say they want to limit spread of fake news, rumours and lies and that be di reason why dem put limits for number of messages.


According to them, messages which contain fake news cause violence and fight for India.