Make i tell you some secrete spot every woman want a man to touch

  1. touch di hair
    Women dey like am when di man dey value am . Na this be di reason you for dey touch di hair regularly and look into di eye and tell her say she bi beautiful she dey look . Especially when she just come from di saloon after fixing her hair , she dey expect say you go talk good about di hair and how she make beautiful so make sure u touch di hair to show say you dey like am.
  2. Touch her shoulders, plenty women dey stress too much from work, so when dey come home, she dey want make di man massage am sake of di pressure dey weak am .
  3. Touch her back: According to research, plenty women dey get back pain and some dey get stroke even before they grow old. Doctors dey advice men say make they massage di women make di pain comot for di body.
  4. Touch her face Women dey enjoy am if u touch their face cos as long as you dey touch di face na so your relationship with her go dey last forever.