#FixTheCountry bi group of independent, non-political group of ordinary Ghanaians den celebrities who dey call for social and economic improvement in de country.

Di whole agenda start on May 4, 2021 after thousands of Ghanaians on social media jump on Twitter hashtag #FixTheCountry to protest di poor governance and difficulties inside di Ghanaian economy.

Within 24 hours after di hashtag start, di online campaign gain nationwide attention which promote calls for street protests.

Protest leaders announce Sunday May 9, 2020 as di day for de street protests but Ghana Police secure injunction against dem.

August 4 go be di first time di group go physically gather to protest against when dem say be economic hardships within de county.

Dis be de first time de group dey hit de streets after dem start dey mobilize around online hashtag around May dis year.

After legal struggle over de right to protest plus Ghana Police Service, de Police agree to de calls for protest today.