Afta di death of one police woman who ein boyfriend stab am because he dey suspect say she dey. Anoda person don die for dat same area and di death be like police woman own.
According to UTV, one 35 year old lady who dey date some 24 year old guy don meet ein death sekof di boy see sextape of she and anoda man.
According to di report, dem dey bed too when di lady decide to go di bathroom nah dat time di boy take go thru her phone
He dey look thru di phone if di woman dey cheat on am, but rada go see di sextapes she record of herself and anoda man

Nah this make di bore angry and start dey question di woman, na dis cause fight between dem. Di woman start dey demand for her phone but di guy deny am and thru di struggles, di woman take die.

Di boy den go find taxi and he beg di taci driver to help am move di body but di driver rada call di police who den come arrest di boy.
For now we no get full details about di boy and di woman, but we go update you soon.