James Sakala be 22years old pastor inside for Zambia. Sakala always dey dress like di disciples of Jesus. He always dey wear pure white gown and brown letter slippers, and ein faith for di resurrection of Christ don full his head dat he call out his church members to come witness di second resurrection afta Jesus own.
Na dis make he go dig grave and command his followers say, anybody wey get faith for lie inside di grave make he bury am and dat person go come back to life and breathe again.
Sakala also be part time witch doctor, na this make di people believe him more.
As pipo ask him why he dey want do wetin Jesus do some centuries ago, he reply say, as di Roman soldier dey come carry am go and he tell di disciples say, “Do this in memory of me”, Jesus dey refer to di resurrection and not di last supper.
So faithful followers and di his congregation help him dig di grave and dey gently lower am for di grave, and wit hymns and dance, they finally close him for inside di grave.
And as Sakala dey inside di grave, di choir sing spiritual songs and odas too dey dance to Glorify God and invite him to di place.
After some hours, di people decide to open di grave to check up on their pastor and when they open di grave, they find out say Sakala ein white gown don dirty wit blood and saliva and edey look like he really suffer before he die but unfortunately for him, afta all di prayers and tongues and singing, he still no resurrect like he promise.
Now police for di Eastern Province Gaza Phiri of Zambia dey search for di people who participate for di “failed resurrection.”