Joseph be di father of Damour, one pikin wey get skin problem and di skin problem dey make his skin hard and hot na sake of that pipos cannot touch ein body.
Damour ein name dey mean “love” for French. Damour for bath cold water more times sake of how hot di body dey make.
According to Joseph, as he see Damour wey dem born fresh, he start dey fear sake of he think say Damour be devil.
Wey he add say he and his wife think say Damour no go survive keep sake of di sickness but rada, Damour survive and he go live longer even if he no fit do wetin normal children dey do like playing.
At first, pipo dey call am frog sake of di hard skin he get and any cloth he go wear dey make dirty easily and di cloth become hard and spoil sake of how hot ein skin dey make. Na im make di father start to buy online hard material cloth.
He also talk say di time ein wife dey preg, everything dey normal Buh as dem deliver di baby come, di doctors make shocked sake of dem never see something like that before. Di doctors tell dem say make dem carry di pikin to better hospital Buh sake of that place dey cost, they no fit carry am go there.
Joseph and ein wife bring little Damour home and try use traditional herbs to see if ego help but still nothing change and as di day dey go and come, di skin condition dey make worse.
Damour ein skin dey make hard like stone and very hot but still ein parents no fit do anything about am.