One of di 2 suspects don reveal di last words of Ishmael Abdullah, di 11 year old boy dem kill for Kasoa.
Inside di courtroom, Felix Nyarko aka Yaw Anane say Ishmael ask am why he dey use block kill am eventhough dem be good friends.
Felix tell di court say, they smoke wee di night before they kill di boy.
Felix and Nicholas who make desperate for money tell di court say dem call one mallam they see for TV. Na di mallam talk say anybody who wan get plenty money for bring human body and 5000 cedis.
According to Felix, di first plan be say dem go kidnap Ishmael and demand 5000 cedis from his family and later kill am.
Felix who be 15 years, tell di court say on di day dey kill Ishmael, Felix come talk Ishmael say Nicholas get new video game so make he follow am den go play di game.
So as dem reach di uncompleted building, Nicholas talk Ishmael say di game dey inside some sack. So as Ishmael bend down to pick di game from di sack, Nicholas den use club to hit the back of Ishamael ein head. Di two then drag Ishmael who now dey for floor and no fit talk den dem hit am again wit di club.
According to di suspects, Ishmael ein sister hear noise from di building so she rush to di place Buh Felix meet am for di entrance wey he tell am say nothing dey happen so make she go back.
Felix say as he pick di block to hit Ishmael ein head, Ishmael ask Felix say, “ Why he dey want kill am eventhough dem all be good friends, he also add ask Felix say what he do to am.”
But still Felix use di blocks to kill Ishmael.
Di suspects who bi 16 and 18 years old finally confess say dem kill di boy sake of di Mallam dem see for di TV top.