Ah dey di Kitchen dey prepare food wey I hear say my husband return from work so I call am from di kitchen window to make him aware say ah dey house.
But he no be someone who dey ignore warm greetings from me so I go meet am for di living room to take ein bag so he go refresh den come tell me wetin di matter be. For me, I think say he make stressed so I give am bottled water to calm him down. I never know say he bore his son- this bi what di mother of di dead person say as she dey narrate wetin happen to di Adumasa police.

Anthony Ato-Kwamena, bi 49 year old man who bore as he come home from work yesterday. For Anthony ein statement to di police, his son thief 240 cedis from envolope wey dey contain 790cedis.

Anthony say di money be for di company he dey work for and ibi some payment for some business deal di company do.
Anthony add say he for give 780 cedis to some distributors on Tuesday, 10th August 2021 but di person no come take am so he put di money inside envelope wey he leave and for his jacket.
He never touched di money until yesterday when di distributor call to ask about di money.
He then go take di money(which be sealed inside di envelope) from his jacket wey he go work. Anthony delivered di money to di distributors around 11am yesterday but his manager call am to his office around 3pm to question am.
Di distributors call di manager to tell am say 240cedis be missing from di money Anthony give am. But when di manger call to di office to tell him, Anthony make surprised when di manager accuse am say ibi him thief di money.
Di manager fire Anthony from di company sake of he bi “thief.” Di boss never think of how Anthony dey di company and help di company for 7 years now.
To Anthony, his wife cannot thief di money sake of she go ask before she take am. So di only person he suspect be his 23 year old son. His son, John Ato-Kwamena confirm say Ibi him take di money to buy something.
As his son confess, Anthony go take di kitchen knife and kill John plus di knife.
Anthony and his wife, Naana take John to di Adumasa clinic but di doctors and nurses declare say John die long time. And they advice Anthony to confess to di Adumasa Police before dem put di body for mortuary. Anthony listen to dem and report himself to di police.
He tell di police say ibi bore he bore sake of dem sack am from work ibi dat wey make he do wetin he do. He also add say anything John dey want he dey do for am and he no plan say he go kill am ibi lesson he dey try teach am.
He also add he never know what he dey do, dis be what he tell di police as he regret di thing he do. Ibi today di court go hear di issue and by all means, di court go punish am for di murder of his own son.