Linda and Belinda be di Identical twins say dem go share everything together even di same manhood since everybody know say twins be one in spirit.

Di two beauty queens share everything for one social media talk show, Vibes in 5 . They tell di host say dem dey want remove any bad rumors or things pipo dey think about twins.
They reveal say dem dey near each oda since kg to University, so sake of that, nothing or no man fit come spoil the bond dem get. Dem both get the same goals and targets since dem all dey want enter di media field. They confirm say they fall give one same man eventhough ibi only one of dem who fall give di person. They also announce say dey go marry and share one man sake of God wey design di person for both of dem.
Di 2 also add say dem feature for do Efiewura Tv series already.