Di Ghana Police Service don arrest popular footballer and sports commentator for di Sunyani Municipality called Richard Gyamfi aka “Fire Man” for killing. Police find three human head inside his fridge.
One of di pipo he kee ein father come confirm for Sky FM for Sunyani. Di man, Mr Thomas Agyei talk say, di footballer lure his 13 year old son, Louis Agyemang Junior from di football park into his room and he kee di boy.

In di evening, di older twin of di boy together with his parents go search boy Buh dem no see am. One of di boys’ friend, Tweneboa tell di family say he see say Junior and di footballer dey stand together.
Di family go ask di footballer but he tell dem say he never see di boy at all. Na dis make di family suspect di footballer sake of Tweneboa tell dem say he see di boy and di man.
Di family den go into di house of di footballer to question him. But they see say one of di doors be locked and when dem ask am, he tell dem say di keys to that door no dey. Di angry parents carry “Area Boys” to break into that room as dem enter into di room, they find di body of Junior with his head cut off.

Di area boys beat “Fire Man” well well before they carry him go to di Abesim Police station. Di police also search di room and find human body parts inside a sack, di head of Junior and 2 more people inside his fridge. Di Abesim Police also hand di footballer to di Bono Regional Police command for further investigations.
Di police den deposit di three heads and di body of Louis for di Best Care Montessori