Robbers dey surprise everybody dis days, no bi only di skills dey use to rob oh, but some other things dem dey do.
Di way thieves dey make plenty for di country, di police also make wild to catch them.
According to di pipo who dey di Bekwai roundabout for Kumasi, di robber shoot gun Buh missed di person. Di man di robber dey try kill be rich man who get plenty cars including Mercedes Benz.
This man dey stay for Germany Buh he come stay for Ghana for few months now but di way he get money, now di robbers for that area dey try thief am.
Afta di shot miss, di youth who dey around start to chase am and even di police too join di pipo to chase am. But just as dey think dey catch di thief, one goat Komot from di place di robber pass. Di thing wey bost dema mind be say di thief no dey di place, sake of di place di thief pass, ebi dead end no door or window dey der.
They den try to look for di goat but di goat to vanish, nobody know where di goat dey come from and where di man too dey. Eventhough we hear dis type of things before, di police dey suspect say some of di pipo who chase di thief be actually the thief ein friend and ibi dem help di thief escape.
Di Bekwai Police arrest some of di witnesses, di police say dem want to question those pipos and they are sure say dem go get answers and catch di thief and anybody who help am.