On Friday Evening, confusion dey amongst di workers for Tema port sake of one of their workers for di Transit yard (Depot 10 – Burkina Yard).

According to an eyewitness, di container lose balance and land for di worker ein head kill am.

Di other workers call for ambulance but still no ambulance come to take di body to di mortuary.

Di eyewitness tell Citi news say di workers start demonstrating for development and especially about how they need ambulance inside di yard sake of di risk for the work inside.
He also add say, “di thin line between death and life be 24/7 ambulance so that any accident wey go happen, di ambulance go take di person. We tell di officials about dis issue but nobody listen to us.”

Mr Ayitey say in di demonstration, some police officer who get weapons come start dey fire di workers, na this make plenty people hurt including one other person who di rubber bullet hit ein eye.

Management call for police and di police come dey hurt them.

Meanwhile, di situation for di port don cool down now and soldiers come to monitor and guard di port and infrastructure.