Di Taliban religious police say any pesin wey violate di rule go chop punishment.

Some barbers for di capital Kabul don tok say dem also receive similar orders.

Since taking power last month, di Taliban don carry out harsh punishments on opponents. On Saturday, di group’s fighter for di streets of Herat province.

Dis one mean say di Taliban don go back to dia strict ruling wey dem bin dey do wen dem first dey power from 1996 to 2001.

At di time, dem ban ghen-ghen hairstyle for men and make dem grow out di bia-bia.

Now, even BBC see di poster wey goment pipo put up say “No one get right to complain”.

One barber for Kabul tell am sat dem go carri undercover inspector to catch dem.

Anoda hairdresser wey get one of di biggest salons for di city say pesin call am say dem be goment official come warn am, make e “stop to dey follow American styles”.

Afta di first time wey Taliban bin dey power, na fresh clean face, na im be di style wey Afghan men dey prefer and dey go salon to do.

But barbers now don dey hala say because of di ban, businesses dem don dry and pipo no dey gree come salon again.

On barber say, “dis don be my work for di past 15 years and I no tink say I fit to continue.”

Source :BBC Pigdin