Some angry pipo for Koforidua-Betom in di New Juaben South Municipality of di Eastern Region don beat up two suspects who try to steal aluminum cooking pots.

Di incident happen on Tuesday dawn at Betom a suburb of Koforidua.

Di youth catch di two robbers and one other guy who try to thief aluminum pit which belong to one chop bar operator for Betom.

Di angry pipo chase and catch di two robbers and beat them well well.
They nail di thieves and use knife to wound dem before dey drag dem to di road.

As di pipo see say di way things dey go, dey fit die, dey leave di thieves for Apenteng Area which dey far from where dey beat di robbers for.

One of di robbers ask for water, koko den bread, one Good Samaritan provided di things for them.

Police pipo den come take dem to di Police Hospital but one die.

Many pipo make worried about di increase of Robert cases for New Juaben and dem swear say anytime dey catch suspects, dem go beat them or kee them.