Nigerian actor, Clem Ohameze dey suffer from stroke. Ever since the rumours start, his fans and lovers dey wonder how he dey and what dey happen to him.

The rumors start ever since he post video on social media begging his fans to pray for since he dey go do second surgery.

We don list 5 things you for know about Clem Ohameze stroke:

Di stroke started after he get accident. According to Clem, di accident affect his spinal cords and now, he nor fit walk. He go do x-ray scan which reveal say, one of the bone for his spinal cord named cervical vertebrae collapsed and fall on the next.
And this be what dey cause di pressure on the spinal cord. Sake of this reason, he dey feel pain in his lower back which makes walking very difficult.
He needs another surgery

Watch Clem at Prophet Jeremiah’s Church asking for the church to pray give am