Christmas don turn bloody as woman stab her husband because of Christmas food. Christiana Ado
be di name of di woman who stab her husband kill am on Christmas Day for London Barber Street, Majidun Awori section of Ikorodu, Lagos Estate.
Di man and woman just move to di place recently before this incident happen. From eye witnesses, di man and di woman dey fight sake of the man no dey provide enough for di family to celebrate this Christmas. Christiana be full time housewife and nobody know the reason why she no dey work because dem be new for the neighborhood.

According to an eyewitness, They hear say di man dey scream and decide to go see why he dey scream only to find out say di woman stab di man.
Di landlord call di police, to come
investigate di situation.
Throughout the interview with the police, Christiana admit to killing her husband on purpose. She claim say she kill di man because he refuse to give am money to cook something special for di Christmas like how every good man does. Christiana and her husband born 3 children.

Di same police confirm di event and add say di wife ask her husband for money to cook special Christmas meals, but he refuse by telling her he no get enough money.
Na this end in a fight which di man slap di woman and out of anger, she stab di man. Di pipo for the house hear say di man dey cry for help, na this catch their attention only to come and see him in his own blood. Police don arrest Christiana and charge am with di murder of her husband, and her case will be tried later.