What vaginal farting or queefing :

Vagina farting or queefing is a reflexive bodily function that occurs when trapped air is released from the vagina. The release of this air is the vaginal fart or queef.

When the air is released, you might hear a sound similar to a fart. However, unlike flatulence, a queef does not emit any odor. Even though there is no odor, the sound of queefing can be embarrassing. 

In some situations, frequent queefing can be a sign of a medical condition or issue. The two main conditions are pelvic floor dysfunction and vaginal fistulas (e.g., rectovaginal, colovaginal, vesicovaginal, enterovaginal, ereterovaginal, or urethrovaginal fistulas). 

Strong pelvic floor muscles help prevent incontinence, uncontrollable flatulence, and queefs. For many women, pregnancy causes their pelvic floor to weaken, which can lead to pelvic floor dysfunction. This is when the pelvic floor inefficiently tightens and relaxes the muscles. Some women experience frequent incontinence when this happens, or they may feel the need to urinate more. Some will experience more queefing than normal.