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Man catches his friend a taxi driver sleeping with his wife in his car

According to reports, the man, taxi driver by name Patrick Chanda, who usually drove his friend’s wife to work, claimed the woman forced him to have sex with her when she could not afford to pay for his service. “After taking her to work in the morning, she told me that she will give me money later in the afternoon when she comes back from work. I agreed because that is the nature of our work. She later called me around 7:30pm to pick her up from Chilanga where she said she had traveled for work and I agreed. “After picking her up, I drove to Lusaka Hellen Kaunda area were she resides and I demanded that she pay me my money, but instead she complained that she didn’t have money and told me to sleep with her. I tried to resist her to, but she removed her underwear and squeezed me. It was at this stage when I got carried away and slept with her just in my car”, he was quoted as saying.

The taxi driver’s explanation did not save him, as his friend reportedly pounced on him and beat him up.


Caution! Woman packages food at the cemetry for sale

The unknown woman was spotted at the cemetery busily packaging what looked like cooked rice in takeaway packs.

Her strange act was noticed after a group of mourners visited the cemetery to bury their corpses. When quizzed on why she would choose to package food meant for consumption at an unwholesome place like a cemetery, the woman refused to speak. According to a report by Accra-based Kasapa FM, it is also unknown whether she was given the authorization by caretakers of the Cemetery.

The act of the said woman has raised serious concerns over the hygienity of foods that are packaged and sold to the public.


Sarkodie involved in a fatal accident

According to reports, Sarkodie was travelling from Accra to Agogo when his car skidded off the road and entered the bush. The rapper was billed to perform alongside veteran Highlife musician, Amakye Dede at an event on Easter Monday.

A video sighted shows that Sarkodie did not suffer any injuries and is safe and sound as at the time of this report.

He was actually whisked away in another car.

Ebony’s Dad – Who ever killed my daughter shall be jugded one day

According to Nana Opoku Kwarteng, as a human Ebony was bound to die at some point, but it has come too sudden – Nana Kwarteng also revealed that Ebony never told him of any of the death prophecies which came to the fore after she died Ebony’s father, Nana Opoku Kwarteng has sent a strong message to any person or persons who might have had a hand in the death of his daughter. According to him, though he expected that his daughter was going to die at a point in time in her life, he feels Ebony’s time was not due. “Whoever is behind it [Ebony’s death] should know that he or she would be judged one day,” he stated in an interview on KOFI TV.

Ebony Reigns, a popular Dancehall musician, died in a gory accident on the Sunyani-Kumasi Highway on February 8 while returning from Sunyani where she had, in the company of three others, visited her mother.

Since her tragic death, there have been many mystic interpretations with many prophets claiming to have predicted such a fate for her. Ebony’s manager, Ricky Nana Agyemang, popularly known as Bullet, is on record to have stated that Ebony told him that a prophetess had predicted that she would become famous but will die young. But reacting to the many death prophecies haunting Ebony before her death, Nana Kwarteng expressed shock saying his daughter failed to tell him.

His shock, he explained, was because there was a special bond between his daughter and himself which saw them sharing nd a lot of stuff together but Ebony failed to confide in him the death prophecies.

Ebony was like my wife and girlfriend. She told me every secret about her life except her death hunting prophecies,” he lamented in the interview. Ebony who was buried last Saturday, March 24, at the Osu Cemetery in Accra, would have been 21 years on February 16.

I killed Ebony and i will kill Shatta wale , Stone bwoy and the President if they dont change thier wicked ways

There is an audio fast going viral on social media of a woman supposedly possessed by the holy spirit claiming God killed Ebony Reigns because he was out of touch with the spirit of God.

The woman further stated that God will kill the president of Ghana, Nana Addo, His vice, Dr. Bawumia, Stonebwoy. Shatta Wale and Patapa if they do not change their ways and turn back to him.

The woman claimed she has been possessed by God and all things she said was God speaking through her.

In the audio, the woman (Whom she says is God speaking) said God cut of Ebony Reigns the same way he cut of Suzzy Williams when their lives were not glorifying him and more people are to follow because the youth of Ghana are living wayward life and God is very angry.

“Innocent blood is being sacrificed as a payment for some people’s power and authority.The President of Ghana must be warned, Bawumia also, Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy, someone should inform Patapaa that I know where he has been going, I have seen him and I shall bring Judgement to everyone according to their deeds”, the woman could be heard speaking in the audio. (Note: The “I” is referring to God).

The Identity of the woman is not known but she claimed she was going to Tema but the spirit of God took her to Madina Market where she was recorded saying those things.

Stone bwoy now goes into the movies – his new movie coming soon

The said movie will be titled, ‘My Name is Ramadan’ Dancehall artiste Livingstone Etse Satekla, popularly known as Stonebwoy, is set to make his bow in the movie industry after agreeing to feature in an upcoming movie. The ‘bawasaba’ hit maker is widely known for his singing prowess but it appears he has other hidden talents that the world is yet to find out.

And per the words of movie producer Kobby Rana, the Bhim Nation leader is not just a good musician, but also apparently a great actor too. The producer has revealed that Stonebwoy will feature in one of his upcoming movies titled “My Name Is Ramadan”. In a Facebook post Kobby Rana said he once featured the dancehall artiste in a movie four years ago and he “nailed it”.

He further announced that the singer has been handed a role in his latest movie which is yet to be out for public viewing. “My first movie with him was HAPPY DEATHDAY (2014). He nailed it and won his first and only movie award. Dear world, are you ready for the Stonegod in ‘MY NAME IS RAMADAN’ – A Kobi Rana Film,” he wrote. When premiered, Stonebwoy will join a list of very few Ghanaian artistes who have featured in movies, including Samini and Shatta Wale.

Coded fame of 4×4 wife caught him red handed cheating

Formerly called Abortion, Coded said he was caught red-handed by his wife in the act of cheating. This, he said, hit him so badly, and as expected, nearly put his marriage in jeopardy. However, he remorsefully apologized to the wife who forgave him ‘quickly’. “I admitted that I did wrong, so I apologized to my wife. She understood me, and forgave me quickly,” Coded said.

He therefore advised married men who are involved in extra marital affairs to put a stop to that habit. For those who are yet to experiment with adultery, Coded said it is an awful experience, and urged such men to stay far away from it. Meanwhile, since the members of the 4X4 group went on their solo projects some years back, Coded has released his first single ‘Edey pain dem.


Top Freemason men attends KB Asante’s fineral

They were spotted filing past the lifeless body of their fellow member – The funeral ceremony of the former ambassador was held at the forecourt of the State House The final funeral rites for the for late senior citizen and retired diplomat Kwaku Baprui Asante, popularly known as K.B. Asante, was held at the forecourt of the State House today, March 10. The solemn ceremony was attended by many high-ranking members of the society including former and current statesmen .


he funeral of the senior citizen was also attended by some members of the Freemason in the country who had gone to bid their brother farewell.

Among the Freemason members present were senior citizen, VRAC Crabbe and other high-ranking members of the society and the country at large .

The members of the top society were seen filing past the mortal remains of their fallen brother and bade him safe passage into the Freemason above.

The senior citizen became Ghana’s Ambassador to Switzerland and the United Nations Offices in Geneva, and the UN establishment in Vienna, and also the Ambassador to Australia from 1967-72. He also served as the Ambassador to Belgium, Luxembourg and the European Economic Community from 1976-1978.

Can’t work with Patapaa anymore -Patapaa’s Manager

– This, Bopkin explained, is because Patapaa has been behaving in an unusual way Information available to shows that Patapaa’s manger, Godfred Bopkin, parted ways with him. In a report by, Bopkin revealed that Patapaa has been behaving in an erratic manner, and for that reason, he can no longer work with him. He further revealed that, without an explanation, Patapaa often cancels shows at the last minute, and therefore he cannot work with such a musician.

Speaking on Happy FM, he stated that Patapaa “…mostly cancels booked interviews and shows as they’re fast approaching with no tangible reason to support his excuse.

has become consistent and I can’t bear with his recalcitrant attitude anymore. I’ve to let him go.” Patapaa is reported to have once disembarked from a plane, after all measures had been put in place with respect to a show in Nigeria. The Founder and Leader of the Heaven’s Gate Ministries, Nicholas Osei, better known as Prophet Kumchacha was subsequently accused of being behind Patapaa’s unsual behavior. He came out to say that the power given him by God is to be used for healing and improving lives, but not to destroy people.


Prophet Nigel- Ghana will observe a heavy rainfall

The Prophet says the rainfall will be so destructive many lives will be affected Founder and Leader of True Fire Prophetic Ministry, Prophet Nigel Gaisie, known for his eccentric style of prophecy has once again dropped another revelation on TV Africa’s breakfast show. According to Prophet Nigel Gaisie, Ghana will be hit by a heavy downpour within the next couple of months, which will wreak severe havoc on the country.

Instead of Ghanaians ganging up and blasting the prophets, we need to pray for the nation. The Lord told me that from now until August, the country is going to experience a heavy rainfall that we have never witnessed before. Instead of blasting, let’s pray,” he noted. He added, “The rain will be very destructive.” The self-acclaimed prophet is well known for his series of powerful prophecies, which including the prediction of the sudden demise of dancehall diva, Ebony Reigns

Touching on the unfortunate passing of the singer, Prophet Gaisie said he was saddened by the death of Ebony, adding that her death could have been averted.

It will be recalled that the Man of God prophesied about Ebony and fellow music artiste, Kaakyrie Kwame Appiah stating that the two would die before the end of February 2018. However, Kaakyire Kwame Appiah on his side sought for his help to pray against his impending death.

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