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Facebook girl beaten for trying to snatch a notorious girl’s boyfriend- Watch video

Facebook user who goes by the name, Akosua Sika was seen in a video being abused by some ladies in a part of Accra for allegedly trying to ‘snatch’ the boyfriend of another Facebook lady. According to Akosua Sika, she accepted the friend request from one Asaawa Gh and they exchanged contacts and immediately started chatting. Akosua Sika went on to reveal that Asaawa Gh told her unpleasant stuff about his girlfriend and from all indications, made her (Akosua Sika) believe that he wanted to quit the relationship. Akosua Sika, who had indicated that Asaawa Gh had already taken a liking for her decided to ask him for money to sort out some stuff. It is believed that Asaawa Gh asked Akosua Sika to come for the money at his residence. Akosua who did not sense any foul play took it upon herself to visit her friend at his residence for the money she was welcome by Asaawa Gh and made to feel comfortable, a gang of ladies marched into the room being led by Sharon Gh, who is believed to be the girlfriend Asaawa Gh had spoken about. After some interrogation, Sharon Gh and her friends started attacking Akosua Sika. They locked her up in the room and beat her mercilessly. Afterwards, they requested for her phone and deleted the chat between her (Akosua Sika) and Asaawa Gh. They later sent her out of the room and out of the house with slaps and heckling. The video is believed to have been recorded by Asaawa Gh and posted on social media just to prove to his girlfriend that he was not cheating Since the video went viral on social media, many people have taken offense in the behavior of both Asaawa Gh, Sharon Gh and her gang of friends. The matter is believed to have been reported to the police and investigations have started. As it stands now, Asaawa Gh, Sharon Gh and all those involved in the assault case have skipped town and the police are currently trying to locate them. assaulting their teacher Some irate people who saw the video on Facebook have already ‘stormed’ the residence of Asaawa Gh and have laid waste to some of his belongings after they broke into his room. Sharon Gh has deleted her Facebook account. Watch video


Shs Girl lost Her sight After fixing Eye Lashes

In her effort to enhance her beauty by fixing artificial eyelashes, it went wrong,  the 24-year-old lady only identified as Maame Esi is fast losing her sight.

Despite several warnings from her father, she became impervious until she fixed the last one which has landed her in trouble.

Maame Esi who resides at Adweaso a suburb of Koforidua in the New Juaben Municipality of the Eastern Region with her brother Paa Yaw according to a  report by Koforidua-based Bryt Fm, is noted for always fixing her eyelashes ever since she completed her secondary education.

It gathered that some amount of the glue dropped into the pupil of the eye which has resulted in some health complications.

“For about two weeks when we couldn’t set our eyes on her, I went to her room to find out if she was there. I entered the room only to find her crying and complaining that she cannot see with one of her eyes”, Papa Yaw brother of Mame Esi revealed.

According to Paa Yaw, Maame Esi said she did not think the glue would affect her sight.

Stanbic Bank Teller ; Jailed for 10 years with Hard Labour For Stealing ¢287,000

The Wa Circuit Court has sentenced a former teller at the Wa branch of Stanbic Bank to 10 years imprisonment with hard labor for stealing ¢287,000.00 belonging to the bank.

The Court presided over by Justice Forson Baah Agyapong found Ahmed Abdul Rahman, 29, who was responsible for mobile money electronic transactions at the bank guilty.

According to the Prosecutor, Detective Sergeant Famous Kweku Agbasah the accused from August, 31 to September 2, diverted the bank’s electronic cash to the tune of ¢287,000.

Mr Rahman then transferred the money to MTN mobile money merchant accounts numbers namely 0548715349, 0542058194 and 0549937512.

The Detective Sergeant noted that during the period, the accused person was audited by the bank and his staff identification came up as the one responsible for all listed transactions.

A report was made to the police leading to the arrest of Mr Rahman, Joy News’ Upper West correspondent Rafiq Sallam reported.

In the course of investigations, ¢10,000 was retrieved from the accused, but the accused pleaded not guilty to the charge of stealing.

However, the Wa Circuit Court judge, Justice Forson Baah Agyapong in evaluating the case, found the accused guilty of stealing.

Counsel for the accused, Clement Eledi, pleaded with the Court to deal leniently with the accused since he is a first time offender and a young person.

Justice Agyapong subsequently sentenced the accused to 10 years imprisonment in hard labor and ordered him to refund ¢277,000  he stole to Stanbic Bank.

Also, the ¢10,000 retrieved during the investigation was ordered to be returned to the Stanbic Bank.

Efya Schwarzeneggar cries unto God – The Court and Police not been fair to me

The actress is warning that some powerful people will be killed thunder together with their family members if they make any attempts of manipulating her case in court.

Afia who is clearly not happy about her recent court case was heard in a phone conversation leveling some wild allegations against police prosecutors handling the case. The comedienne in her conversation insisted that police investigators have failed in gathering hard core evidence to nail her ex-husband, Lawrence Abrokwa in court. She insisted that Lawrence pulled knife on her and also threatened her life with acid but the police have drooped all those hardcore evidence in their charge against her ex-husband.

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Atomic Gas Explosion -Caused By a Khebab Seller

The manager of the fuel station earlier argued that the gas sparked into ghastly flames due to the risky positioning of a khebab seller just few meters away from the gas station. According to him, he had warned all food vendors to vacate the premise following the leakage of the gas some days back but they refused to heed his warning. “The time I came in, one of them told me that it was the khebab guy who caused the fire,” the manager alleged. At least seven people have been confirmed dead with dozens injured in the Madina Atomic Junction gas explosion that occurred on Saturday night in Accra.

Breaking News; Gas Explotion at Atomic Junction – Madina Road

Gas explotion at Atomic junction next to Presec.

Presec students told to evacuate.

Heavy traffic on Legon -Atomic stretch.

If you anyone heading that way,kindly tell to use alternatives to Madina,Adenta,Oyarifa,aburi etc

Casualty number increasing,about 5 cars believed to be involved according to reports on TV3.

Please read and share to save life.

Eastern Region- KoforiduaAsukwao Stream Turn into Blood-watch Images

Information reaching,that Asukwao a stream in Kofiridua capital of the Eastetn part of Ghana has turn into bloid.

Actually the people living at asukwao have not been able to figure out what exactly caused the change of the stream’s bloody colour.

It could be a factory’s waste which was poured into the water or someone was killed and thrown into the stream.

So the people of Asukwao are calling on the government to come and find out what exactly it is.

You can drop your suggestion and comment below.

3 JHS Students Drown in River Ayensu

The township of Agona Kwanyako, in the Agona East District of the Central region was thrown into a state of mourning, following the drowning of three second-year students of Agona Kwanyako Anglican Junior High School (JHS).

The deceased are Matilda Amatayo,16; Hannah Mensah, 18; and Rahael Awudzie, 17.

According to the bereaved parents and the Headteacher of the School, Nii Okain, his teachers asked the students, including the girls to bring bamboos to school on Monday

The township of Agona Kwanyako, in the Agona East District of the Central region was thrown into a state of mourning, following the drowning of three second-year students of Agona Kwanyako Anglican Junior High School (JHS).

The deceased are Matilda Amatayo,16; Hannah Mensah, 18; and Rahael Awudzie, 17.

According to the bereaved parents and the Headteacher of the School, Nii Okain, his teachers asked the students, including the girls to bring bamboos to school on Monday.

The bamboos were to be used to make leisure seats at the school.

The bodies have not been found by over 20 divers made up of members of the Asafo Company of Agona Kwanyako and others since last Saturday when the news broke.

District Chief Executive (DCE) of Agona East, Dennis Armah-Frempong, and his delegation had earlier visited the Chiefs, Asafo Companies, bereaved families and teachers of Anglican JHS to discuss ways and means to recover the bodies from the river.

The DCE and his team on Sunday morning again joined the search party, chiefs, the bereaved families, some residents and teachers to search for the bodies of the three girls.

Nana Adeiso, Nifahene of Agona Kwanyako told the DCE and his delegation that five girls and a boy on Saturday, went to the river banks to cut the bamboos, but two girls and the boy escaped unhurt.

Kwame Mensah, the father of Hannah Mensah, one of the deceased, said he told his daughter not to go and cut the bamboo but rather wash his clothes for him, but the girl ignored his instruction.

Comfort Assani, the mother of Amatayo, deceased, said she instructed her daughter not to go to the banks of River Ayensu to cut the bamboo, but the girl indicated that she would be punished on Monday by the teachers.

Mrs. Assani said she told her daughter that on Monday she herself will accompany her to school to plead with the teachers and explain why she did not bring the bamboo to school, but her daughter refused to heed the advice.

The parents have appealed to the Ministry of Education and the Director- General of the Ghana Education Service to intervene to stop teachers and especially head of basic schools from forcing school children to bring bamboos, stones, fire woods, brooms and others to curb disasters.

The bodies have still not been found.

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If my children decides to smoke ‘wee’ i can’t stop them-Abodam

 Emmanuel Botwe, popularly known by his stage name Kwaw Kese, aka Abodam who has been off the screens for a while now has revealed that he still actively smokes cannabis.

He said he will not force any of his children to stop using marijuana if they think it is good for them.

The controversial rapper was arrested by the police in Kumasi on Saturday, November 22, 2014, for allegedly smoking cannabis in public.

On Thursday, April 23, 2015, Judge William Boampong sentenced him to a day’s imprisonment and a fine of GH¢1,200.

The rapper after his release and fine said he was embarking on campaign against drug abuse in the country.

My son’s marriage collapsed ,I am glad -Maame Dokono

Grace Omaboe, popularly known as Maame Dokono.One of her sons married a woman from Trinidad & Tobago and he decided to break up the marriage .His reasons have not yet being disclosed yet,but Maame Dokono His mother was actually glad it happened.
Even though she didn’t openly say she supports divorce, she walked on air when the two gave up on their marriage, and her reason is that she wanted a Ghanaian wife for her son.

“We were all in London for the wedding but after some time it broke up and then I said well I am happy that it has broken down,” she said last week Wednesday while reacting to a News-One question during a press screening of her upcoming film, ‘My Very Ghanaian Wedding’.

She said she had a beautiful Ghanaian doctor for the son who lives in New York.

However, he didn’t accept her choice and won’t succumb to the usual trend in Maame Dokono’s family, where she and her husband always select spouses for their children.

Maame Dokono was speaking about her son’s marriage in public because her family story is similar to that of her upcoming film which is set for cinema release on October 6.

“I am particularly interested in this film because I find myself in there. I really went for it because I have experienced this situation. My son who lives in New York wanted to marry and usually the father and I will select a Ghanaian woman for all our children but this son said no and he got married to someone from Trinidad & Tobago.


We were all in London for the wedding but after some time it broke down and then I said well I am happy that it has broken down. This time, I am going to give you a Ghanaian medical doctor, a very beautiful girl then he goes for another white girl. A pure white. When I read the script I said ah this is my situation I will do it,” she told a section of
the Ghanaian media but won’t mention the son’s name.

The upcoming film which talks about marriage and Ghanaian culture is directed by Helel Smith. It delves into how culture and traditions play a key role in the society and how it binds people together.

According to Maame Dokono, Ghanaian traditional wedding is more important than the white wedding in the church. She, therefore, encouraged young people never to shy away from traditional marriage, as she emphasized the need to always marry in the presence of one’s family.

Mama Dokono went off local TV screens for some time but she says, “I’m back. Actually I wanted to take a little bit of rest after going through politics. I wanted to hide a little so I visited my children outside and since I came back I have been acting.”

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