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Shatta wale in war with Ghana policemen – Watch video

Dancehall artiste Shatta wale has been captured in a video fiercely exchanging words with a policeman at East Legon.

In the video, the police officer is seen ordering the artiste and his friends to get back into their cars and follow him to the police station.

Although the controversial singer tried to talk to the policeman to let him and his friends go, it was turned downDancehall artiste Shatta Wale born Charles Nii Armah Mensah Jr. has been captured in a video fiercely exchanging words with a policeman at East Legon.

In the video, the police officer is seen ordering the artiste and his friends to get back into their cars and follow him to the police station.

Although the controversial singer tried to talk to the policeman to let him and his friends go, it was turned down

At this point, Shatta Wale got angry and started shouting at the police officer complaining why he was being difficult in dealing with a public figure like him


Man of God finally mentioned three people -killed Ebony

After a week of the sudden demise of sensational dancehall artiste, Priscilla Opoku Kwarteng, popularly known as Ebony Reigns, Evangelist Obadiah Amankwah of The Mission of Jesus Christ Church has revealed 3 persons who are complicit in the death.

In a viral YouTube video, he intimated that he knows three people who killed Ebony

The names of these people are:

The parents of Ebony. He stated that the parent of Ebony failed to imbibe in her the word of God from her infancy and even failed to direct her in a godly way when she grew up.

He argued that the pastors who got the opportunity to get closer to her failed her woefully. They could have helped the girl come out of her ways by preaching salvation messages to Ebony for her to repent.

Ebony herself. It has become public knowledge that Ebony knew her life in the world was short through numerous prophecies that came to her but she failed to heed to them to repent from her worldly ways.
The man of God also said categorically that he will not be surprised if Ebony ends up in hell.

In a similar development, Prophet Nigel Gaise has also announced that God has revealed two people who killed Ebony. “I know the very people who killed her. Two people killed her… for the respect of the death, I will not mention the names of those people” he alleged.

Prophet Nigel Gaise made this revelation when speaking on Zylofon radio’s flagship programme dubbed “Taxi Driver” on Friday, 8th February 2018.

It was reported that on the 24th November 2017, prophet Nigel Gaise vividly stated the songstress Ebony will die through road accident if she does not change her ways, but she did not pay attention to the prophecy by going to him or other true men of God for prayers in other to avert it.

“The Lord opened my eyes. That singer called Ebony, she has a short life. I saw her having a fatal lorry accident.

That singer called Ebony, we are the prophets of the nation. Hear me and hear me. If she does not change her ways, it will come to pass. She will die like the way Suzzy Williams died when you expose yourself, you give out for evil spirits who don’t have the license to come and infiltrate you”

The dancehall artiste, died in a fatal car accident Thursday night at Nyamebekyre near Mankranso in the Brong Ahafo region. Ebony and two others died when their Jeep collided with a VIP bus. The driver is said to be on admission at the hospital
The prophet who has had several prophecies by him come to pass confirmed how he prophesied the death of a Ghanaian, musician Kaakyire Kwame Appiah together with Ebony but he took it seriously, went to him for prayer and it was averted.

Evangelist Obadiah Amankwah has implored Ghanaians not to live to satisfy God in order to avoid the consequences that may befall them.

Ajara Mapouka fame of Junka town is dead

Ghanaian actress Mansa Mensah, popularly known as Ajara Mapouka, has passed away,

Mensah played a key role in the hilarious comedy series Junkatown, which originates from Ghana’s only twin city.

The social media handle of the series which gives out all news about the cast and crew announced the sudden and painful death just moments ago to the shock and consternation of all and sundry.

Mapouka is loud and lively and her sudden death is tough to swallow.

May her soul rest in peace.

Alleged Thief Fails to Recite the Lords Prayer, Loses his Freedom

The convict, Owusu Ansah

A man, identified as Owusu Ansah, who was reported to be have been found guilty over charges of stealing was given a rare opportunity to get his sentence struck out but he failed woefully.

The presiding judge, Justice Wilson who had wanted to tamper justice with mercy asked Owusu Ansah to just recite the Lord’s Prayer and walk but he could not. His failure, according to, incensed Justice Wilson who called him ‘stupid’ for not being able to take advantage of the great opportunity given him.

Mr. Natural Boy Publiera Mawue

Pour vous qui nous suivez et qui attendez la sortie du fameux son de ce jour, produit de la N-Boy Music Record voici le lien de téléchargement direct du titre Mawué de Mr Natural Boy en feat avec la charmante Noemie Midie déjà disponible
Translation in english

For those of you who follow us and who wait for the output of the famous sound of this day, the product of the N-Boy music record here is the link for direct download of title Mawué of Mr Natural boy in feat with the charming Noemie Midie already available

Mr, Natural Boy Set To release His “Mawue” On 10th December ,2017

N-BOY MUSIC RECORD * invites you to enjoy this piece of * Mr Natural BOY The melodous singer * in feat with * Noemi Midie * in which he shows us this complicity that exists between us and the almighty, the eternal armies under the title * Mawué” literally means God * this song would be release on the * 10th December,2017

Don’t forget to mark the date

Efya Schwarzeneggar cries unto God – The Court and Police not been fair to me

The actress is warning that some powerful people will be killed thunder together with their family members if they make any attempts of manipulating her case in court.

Afia who is clearly not happy about her recent court case was heard in a phone conversation leveling some wild allegations against police prosecutors handling the case. The comedienne in her conversation insisted that police investigators have failed in gathering hard core evidence to nail her ex-husband, Lawrence Abrokwa in court. She insisted that Lawrence pulled knife on her and also threatened her life with acid but the police have drooped all those hardcore evidence in their charge against her ex-husband.

News Source

Meet Tupac’s Dad- Billy Garland

Tupac  Shakur the true legend of Hiphop never knew his dad was alive until he was shot…read those words from Tupac Shakur:

“I thought my father was dead all my life. After I got shot, I looked up, there was this nigga that looked just like me. And he was my father; that’s when I found out. We still didn’t take no blood test, but the nigga looked just like me and the other nigga’s dead. So now I feel that I’m past the father stage. I do want to know him, and I do know him. We did talk and he did visit and help me when I was locked down, but I’m past that.”

Images of his Tupac’s Dad – Billy Garland

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Billy Garland



Kakalikabi visit the Mosque

Kakalikabi entered a mosque carrying
a brand new cutlass and asked: “who is a Muslim here?”
The whole mosque went as silent as a grave yard.
Kakalikabi asked again “how can a full mosque have no Muslim?”.
No one replied.

Kakalikabi then grabbed the nearby young man and went out with him
and told him “son come help me kill my goat bcos i don’t know how to do it”.
After the young man had killed the goat, he told Kakalikabi that he didn’t
know how to skin it and that Kakalikabi should go back to the mosque and get someone else to
help him do that.
Kakalikabi returned to the mosque with the cutlass dripping with blood.
When the IMAM saw the same man again in the mosque with blood
dripping from his cutlass, he immediately shouted
The whole mosque responded:



Written By Samira Nhyira Ankra


The heart that bleeds for the truth in my love

My love why do you have to make me cry

Why should I shed that painful tears

My love please clean this pain

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