Ebony -Konkonsah Police Prod By Citrus Beatz

This a brand new song from Ebony Captioned “konkonsah Police” – From the camp of Ebony’s management as they intend to release this song in memory of her.


Though she is Gone but her voice will forever live with us

Today is Ebony’s birthday .

listen and enjoy.




Everyone has a gaurdian angel – 5 things you can do to connect with your angel

The myth or religious beliefs of mankind having their respective guardian angels who protect them from unfortunate incidents are complete belief systems that often apply to those who believe in the mythical powers of angels.

In fact, several arguments exist to either disapprove or approve of the existence of angels. Be it all as it may, this article dwells on the theological belief of the existence of Guardian Angels. It, therefore, applies to religious minds who believe in such a theological doctrine or belief .

We all do know of a guardian angel as that messenger from God who supports us in times of need, protects us from the snares of the enemy or even guides us through the journey called life. But even as we drool over ever wanting or having that angel with us; you need to know they truly are next to us, waiting for you to just communicate to them.

Let’s go through six easiest ways of making this a dream come true – of how to communicate with our Guardian Angel.

  1. Personal prayer(s) Prayer, talking with a Supernatural Being (God or Angel) has been known since distant Jewish history as the only way of connecting with one’s God-scent angel. In praying, express your loving devotion. Ask for help – all of which must be done in the quality of a sincerity.

  2. Talk to your guardian angel Even though you may not see that shiny glittery angel trail beside you as you make your way through the day, believe me – they surely are around. You can communicate with your angel while you take walks, talking about questions, challenges, and desires you feel and just watch for your angel’s response to your questions and requests for help. You would be amazed by the magical response you get!

3. Meditate You may want to freely open your heart and senses to hear responses to your prayers and also feel the soothing love of God. This should normally be done in coolest places like gardens, parks, forests, or even in the silence of your house/ bedroom. Remember, angels, are best felt in silence and harmony.

  1. Desire – What do you want? Your desires create a force that compels you to take action. Your guardian angel and God respond to your desire. If you desire a deeper relationship with God and your guardian angel and take the action of reaching out, you will experience a respon.

5. Cleanliness As the old saying goes, cleanliness is next to godliness. The only way to attract a holy and Godly spirit is when your heart, soul, and mind is absolutely clean and pure. Take off all the sins, evil thoughts, bitterness and vengeance in your heart and rather make way for that calm spiritual connection.


Shatta wale discloses his greatest fear

Charles Nii Amarh Mensah, commonly known as Shatta Wale, seems to be on warpath with some ‘men of God’. He has made headlines recently, especially since the news about Ebony’s death broke out.

To say the least, Shatta Wale is not happy about the activity and prophesies of some men of God, according to series of posts he has made on social media. Following the death of Ebony, some prophets have claimed to see visions from God which details that the next big musician to die is Shatta Wale.

This has angered to ‘Dancehall King’ to the extent that he has threatened to burn down churches of some “fake prophets” if he should still be alive by December.

He believes those prophets are fake and not working with God’s spirit because they are not going according to what the Great Teacher, Jesus, did , Shatta Wale says the only person he fears in his life is God and not death. He indicated that he had no reverence for fake pastors who are only interested in doom sayings.

According to him, if only humans know the kind of authority God has bestowed on each one of his creations, no one would fear or fall victim to fake prophets and their quack prophecies. Shatta Wale wrote: “If only we knew the power and authority God has bestowed on us..we won’t pay attention to Doom Sayers. Don’t be deceived, we were created in the image and likeness of God..we are God’s on earth and our only task is to Fear God…Why should i fear the inevitable…Fear God not Death.”

Source :yen.gh.com

The Girl Explains how the Edumanu sex tapes – Got leaked

according to the girl, Priscilla Tettey, the video was originally recorded about a year when she was dating the headmaster for their viewing pleasure.

She however, forgot to delete it when she gave her phone to her brother to transfer some songs and he stumbled upon it. Some of her brother’s friends, who had had their love proposals rejected by Priscilla before, decided to publicise the video, apparently as ‘punishment’ for rejecting them.

“Other friends of her brother also saw the video and they decided to spread it because they had proposed love to her and she refused,” a delegation of the Ghana Education Service (GES) revealed as part of their findings.

The parents of the girl and other family members, the GES report suggests, were interested in getting the people who leaked the tape aressted and punished. Meanwhile the Central Regional Police Command has commenced investigations into the matter and has delclared three people wanted over the leaking of the video.

Source : Yen.gh.com


On zylophone FM this afternoon, the leader of True word prophetic fire ministries and radio preacher Nigel Gaisie who prophecy Ebony’s death in November last year on Vision 1 fm was called by Black Rasta a presenter on Taxi driver on Zylofon fm and he admitted prophesying that Ebony and Katyere Kwame Appiah will die before the month of February ends this year. Kwame Appiah went to see the prophet and followed instructions given him.He blamed the manager of Ebony bullet for not taking the prophesy serious by so not doing anything about it and taking the prophecy lightly.
Rev Nigel Gaisie also said the person behind the death of Ebony is her aunty from her mother’s side who was present when she visited the family yesterday before she will go on her European tour and in a video circulating on social media you would see her rubbing her hands all over Ebony’s body. Rev. Nigel said He will actually come out and vividly put out how she Ebony’s aunt executed her plans in killing her own niece.
Written by : Padi Nartey

at February 09, 2018

Ebony was aware of the Prophecy before her death – but she didn’t take into consideration

Watch this video you will be amazed that Ebony heard the prophecy about her death but she was unconcerned

I think it should be a lesson to all musician in the country ,sometimes they need to take somethings

Ebony, suzzy williams and terry bonchaka they all died on Thurday- is it a ritual ?

So sad to hear that Ebony the dancehall queen mysterious death.

But there is this information kakalikabi.com wants to draw the entire nation attention

Ebony was involved in motor and accident died on thursday

Suzzy williams also was involved in a motor accident and died on thursday

Terry bonchaka also died on thursday and was involved in a motor accident.

My question is , is a ritual or something is behind thier death

Why did they die on thursdays

What do you think about it kindly share ur comments and i deas below.

Ebony’s Mum reaction after she heard Her daughter is dead

In the video Ebony’s mum was just weeping couldnt hold her tears and she she was sayin God i told u i dont want premature death in my family

You will cry after watching this

A Prophet Predicted Ebony’s death – Watch video

www.kakalikabi came accross this video a prophet talking about the Ebony’s death

In the video he said Ebony will be involved in a motor accident and that she will die and nothing can save her.

Watch the video without wasting much time.

Full video of Ebony’s dead body at the mortuary

Caution: images are very disturbing

May her soul rest in peace and may God forgive her sin

She turned on the Lights, Hustled to get her Sponsors, poisoned them and got them on the Dancefloor to do the Kupe. If you ever broke her heart, she also Dated your Father but death decided to be a Bukom Banku boxer Hmmm Maame Hw3. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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